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"We are extremely grateful to be able to have our son attend St. Therese School. It is important for us as parents to know he is receiving a faith centered education."










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This Faith-Centered Community

St. Therese School is dedicated to academic excellence and the growth and well being of the whole child, empowering each students to become a contributing member of the Church and society.

We understand the importance of educating and nurturing the next generation Christian leader. Therefore, we set forth to provide our students with this mission statement and beliefs.

Mission Statement
St. Therese School is a community of families built on Catholic values and dedicated to empowering students to reach their academic potential by preparing them to be life-long learners, responsible citizens, and contributing members of church and society.
Mission Statement - Primary
St. Therese School is made up of students and families who are living like Jesus, doing their best, always wanting to learn, and helping their church and neighbors.
We Believe
  • That all children are valued and respected.
  • That students grow best when challenged to achieve personal success.
  • That all teachers strive to meet students’ diverse individual needs.
  • That an excellent curriculum is necessary for student success.
  • That Catholic education involves providing instruction, opportunity and support of every child on their spiritual journey of faith formation.
  • That our community is based on love, understanding, and respect for the dignity of all people.
  • That parents and school staff must model mutual respect and trust to benefit the child’s growth and education.
  • That all parents provide a physically, emotionally and spiritually supportive environment for the successful development of their child. 
  • That together with parents we can provide financial stability and longevity for our school today and in the future.
  • That all parents have high expectations of their children’s ability to learn and understand the importance of their role in the child’s academic success.